Fate Amenable To Change


On this site you will find my own images and stats for using Hiigaran-style miniatures for the game "A Call to Arms" (ACTA).

I have had a number of these miniatures made for me and have some available for purchase however, please note that this is a hobby for me and that I am not making a business from this.

I am now able to cast ships 'somewhat to order' and have now added paypal payment buttons to the existing ships. I am casting only at the weekends not full-time, although the longest delay that I anticipate now is about 2 weeks, with most request filled within 1 week of ordering.

I have asked the sculptor to begin work on the next series of Hiigaran ships (Carrier, Battlecruiser, Missile Cruiser) and after that we will be looking at getting the Vaygyr fleet started as soon as I can.


Contact me via email for orders of the current fleet boxsets.

Contact email: wargamessupplies@rocketmail.com